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Creating A Decent Gang Violence Research Paper Outline

Gang violence is a problem in many parts of the world; even in developed countries there are many issues related to gang violence in many parts of the countries. As such, this is a popular topic students are asked to compose an essay on to make them more aware on the issues/. It is always important to create an outline to your paper before you begin, as this can help you jot down your ideas on paper so you do not forget later on, as well as allowing you to structure your paper well.


The most important part of your paper should be to compile good sources to reference in your writing. In regards to gang violence, there are many sociological studies conducted to see the effects of gang violence, not only on gang members but the effect on wider society. If you can reference and analyze literature such as this, then you will be in good standing to receive high marks.

Another source that you can cite are newspaper and magazine articles, particularly from newspapers that operate in areas affected by gang violence. Through this, you can analyze the frequency of gang violence in the areas worse affected by the phenomenon.


Once you have conducted your research and have compiled the sources you will be using for your essay, it is time to create an outline. As mentioned before an outline is necessary if you want your writing to orderly and easy to comprehend for your reader. Due to this, your outline should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This should be a paragraph explaining gang violence to your reader, and telling them about what aspects of gang violence you will be talking about. There is no need to introduce sources of analyze in this paragraph.
  • Main body: We suggest that, in your outline, you write what you will be talking about for each paragraph. This is where you introduce your sources and perform your analysis.
  • Conclusion: Here you repeat the main points of you research.

For further help on creating a great outline on gang violence, you can find more information at the following link.