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Working On A Domestic Violence Research Paper Thesis

Domestic violence is a terrible issue that many students need to learn about in depth to truly grasp the horrors that some people come under due to it. As such, many sociology students are tasked with writing a thesis on the issue, so that they can provide insight into domestic violence, as well as suggest solutions to lower the rates of domestic violence.


Before you begin your thesis, you need to see what topic within domestic violence you want to write about. You need to ensure that it is a topic that genuinely interests you, as not doing this will reflect in your writing. Also, due to the amount of time you will be spending crafting your thesis, it is simply not feasible to choose a topic in for which you have little interest.

So it is recommended that you go through your lecture notes for the topic and see which issues you feel most passionate about. For example, you could write about the domestic violence men suffer from, or domestic violence in other countries around the world.


This is the most crucial aspect of your thesis. You need to conduct your findings in a rigorous fashion from which you can draw an analysis and suggest potential impacts of your research. Now, in social science, there are two main types of research:

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative

The first type is more concerned with collecting data and analyzing it. For example, you could see the instances of domestic violence in your local area, or a country within which you are analyzing domestic violence in.

Qualitative research is exploratory; instead of analyzing data you analyze opinions and reasons. So, for example, you could issue a survey to see how many people in your local area have suffered domestic violence and their attitudes towards it. Another example could be to interview someone who has gone through the ordeal.


Another crucial aspect of your thesis is to collect and analyze sources. Sources can range from newspaper articles to empirical studies. You need to include them to give some background context on domestic violence to your reader.

The best place to find empirical studies on the topic area of domestic violence you are writing about is through Google scholar; they will have an abundance of literature relating to your topic area.

You can also cite newspaper sources, as mentioned previously, but you need to be careful to ensure that the articles that you use come from reputable sources.


The outline for a thesis is a little different compared to other types of essays you may have written in college. The following is how you should structure your paper:

  • Introduction: People will know you are writing about domestic violence, but they may not be knowledgeable about the topic are you have chosen. Your introduction should discuss the topic area, along with what you will be including in your paper.
  • Review of the literature: This is where you bring in the sources as we discussed previously. You need to make the reader aware of the latest developments in your topic.
  • Methodology: This section deals with analyzing the methods you employ to find your results.
  • Results: In this section, you report the results and analyze them in detail.
  • Conclusion: This should be your closing statement, and should include the main points you have highlighted in your results.

As you can see, producing a thesis on domestic violence is hard work, however, by using this guide and choosing a topic that you have a passion for; you will be primed to enjoy a lot of success in crafting your thesis.